J W (Jim) Throgmorton left the construction industry in 2008 to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an author. He writes action fiction directed toward male readers, but has garnered a following of female fans, too.

"It's the character-driven plots I create for my protagonist. They are not all good or bad--somewhere in the middle like the rest of us. Women readers like that there is more to my tales than guns and violence," says the author.

The author has more than forty-years of experience to draw on when creating a story. Born in Indiana, his father, a builder, put him to work the summer, he turned eight-years-old. His subsequent working career encompasses years of hands-on construction labor, coal deliveryman, truck driver, fry cook at a fast-food joint, and a brief stint as a salesman. "When I delivered coal, there was a time when a conveyor belt used to empty a rail car broke down. A co-worker and I emptied the car by shovel." The author laughs, "I couldn't stand straight for days after. I often think about that when I see a gondola rail car--"

He married his high school sweetheart. They have two sons and three grandsons living in California. Shortly after his marriage, he joined the United States Marine Corp, and he spent eighteen months in Asia, (Vietnam and Japan). "I had a love/hate relationship with the Corp. I didn't mind the discipline so much as the jerks who were handing it out. I was honorably discharged as a buck sergeant."

He went to school on the GI Bill and then back to the construction industry; where he worked his way up from a Project Engineer to the owner of a commercial general contracting company in Arizona. 

Now living on the west coast of Florida, the author writes 4-5 hours daily.

J W Throgmorton, author