J W (Jim) Throgmorton

J W (Jim) Throgmorton

Jim Throgmorton is the husband of one beautiful wife, the dad of two wonderful boys, and the papa of three brilliant grandsons. He is a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran. Now a retired general contractor, who has constructed, in numerous parts of the United States, everything from retail tenant spaces to a 7 million barrel brewery. In 2008, he decided to pursue his lifelong passion and became a western genre novelist. Duncan at Green River, his first published book, although set in the future, is, in essence, is still a cowboy shoot 'em up. Now living on the west coast of Florida, Jim writes 4-5 hours each weekday. He and his lovely bride enjoy motorcycling, travel and entertaining their friends and family.

Expertise I'm a fiction writer, presently writing western genre. I like that time and place in America's history. People were proud of being self-reliant, yet could be counted on to help out their friends and neighbors-a man's word was his bond.


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